Travel Like a Local

While it’s true that the majority of our work is focused on clients relocating to Naples, we can also help vacationers and residents alike to experience Napoli like a native. For so many travelers coming to Italy for the first time, Naples doesn’t fit geographically into the standard weeklong Venice-Florence-Rome itinerary. However, whether it is a day at Pompei or a vespa ride along the Amalfi coast, so many are drawn back to this beautiful country to see more and more. When they eventually make it south to Naples, they are delighted and wish only that they had discovered it sooner.

The city itself is a thrill for foodies, fashionistas and football fans alike, overflowing with energy and excitement around the clock. But that is just the beginning. Visit nearby vineyards with a sommelier. Hire a private skipper to see the islands of Ischia, Procida and Capri by motor or under sail. Harvest organic ingredients on a family farm and prepare a traditional dinner from scratch to enjoy under the stars. Ride horses on the beach or on the trails of Mt. Vesuvius. Participate in an active archeological dig. We are full of ideas to make your trip to Naples the vacation of a lifetime!