Navigating Napoli is the latest project of Jennifer Sledd, an American citizen residing full time in Bella Napoli. She fell in love with Italy more than three decades ago when visiting with her AP Art History class under the direction of Marist School icon, literary rockstar and creative legend Dr. Michael Bieze. She went on to complete a Bachelor of Science at Georgia Tech and an MBA at Lehigh University before putting down roots in Naples fifteen years ago.

The daughter of a retired Naval officer and former spouse of a US Army officer, Jennifer was raised in suburban Atlanta and as a young adult worked as an IT strategy consultant for government and private industry clients in the US and abroad. She transitioned to self employment in the early 2000’s in order to start a family of her own. A series of serendipitous events led her family to receive unexpected orders for a NATO assignment in Napoli, and in Napoli she has remained ever since.

Her children are now in high school and university in Naples. She has experienced the public and private Italian education system at all levels from preschool onward. If you have time for a coffee, she can tell you all about the process of applying for a visa, sojourner’s permit, or the infamous Italian drivers license. As a parent she has direct knowledge of healthcare specialists, inpatient, outpatient and emergency care at both American and Italian facilities across the region. On the weekend you might find her on the shores of Lago Patria cheering on her youngest children in a crew regatta or perhaps at sea with her oldest as they prepare together for the offshore sailing license exams. She learned to fish from old school local fishermen and enjoys preparing the day’s catch at home according to traditional recipes.

Jennifer can tell you which markets to browse for the best deals, where to shop for the latest home furnishings, or who to call to tune your piano. Need a pizza that is gluten and lactose free? You have options! If she doesn’t have direct experience with the thing you’re seeking, she can put you in touch with someone that does. And in true adventurer spirit, she’ll always be up for the challenge of hitting the pavement (or cobblestones) and figuring it out together.