Navigating Napoli is a relocation agency specialized in assisting international clients with their transfer and adjustment to life in Naples, Italy. Our American founder speaks Italian fluently and has a broad range of experience with the inner workings of Neapolitan life. She also has an extensive background in US military and government service that makes her particularly adept at understanding the needs of active duty, civilian, and contract personnel and their families and enabling them to make a smooth transition into the Italian community.

When you work with Navigating Napoli you will receive personalized support tailored to your specific circumstances, goals and interests. From pre-departure video planning consults to text based live Q&A you will always be interacting with a real person that understands your needs and the nuances of the city of Naples. Once you arrive on the ground there is the additional option for in-person assistance as we bring together everything you need to create your new Italian routine, like a permanent home, healthcare providers, schools and activities for your family, and insight into the culture and customs playing out around you.

For those that need to hit the ground running, we also manage a limited number of furnished apartments (TLA in military-speak) in the Vomero quarter, not far from the Capodichino base. These apartments were selected for their safe and convenient location, level of comfort, and adherence to US per diem rate guidelines. In addition to a temporary home in a great intown location, you will receive unlimited access to every level of support offered by Navigating Napoli. This allows you to get right to work knowing that your family is in good hands as we personally guide you through the day to day in the most enjoyable, stress free manner possible.